Ultra High Capacity Platinum 700 Cartridge Filter Housing

Ultra high capacity filter eliminates maintenance by providing high dirt removal

These new cartridge housings are designed to end the high cost of cartridge change-out

They are offered in three Model 8 styles (LCO, Polypropylene, and Standard Model 8) and Multi-cartridge housings.

Standard Features

  • Housings available in carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel and polypropylene
  • Pressure ratings in 100, 125, and 150 psi
  • Clean and dirty/gage port connections
  • O-ring seals: Buna, Ethylene Propylene, Viton®, and Teflon® Encapsulated Viton®
  • ASME code stamp available on selected models
  • Flanged or threaded connection sizes from 2-inch through 10-inch
  • Covers are o-ring sealed and easy to remove
  • Leg assembly (excludes CR8)
  • Multi-cartridge units are offered in the low profile design, for quick and easy cartridge removal

A single 700 Series cartridge unit will out perform 40 standard wound or 10 pleated cartridges, reducing maintenance. A decrease in cartridge use, reduces labor, inventory, worker exposure and disposal costs. Flow rates and contaminant holding capacities vary depending on micron size.

A single cartridge element holds as much as 20 pounds of contaminant and flows to 100 gallons per minute. The labor-intensive v-posts and spring seals are eliminated and cartridges are easily removed, requiring no special tools. Elements are approximately 6.25-inch diameter and 35-inch length. The 700 series filter housings contain one, four, seven, or eighteen cartridges, with a 226-end cap design.

How to Order

Single Cart Plat 700 1 Single Cart Plat 700 2