Ultra High Capacity Platinum 900 Cartridge Filter Housing

Ultra high capacity filtration system provides maximum dirt holding capacity–eliminating maintenance

End the high cost of element change-out with the Platinum 900-cartridge filter system

Imagine changing a filter element only once or twice a year, instead of changing several cartridges on a weekly or daily basis!

Standard Features

  • Housings available in carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Pressure rating 150 psi
  • Clean and dirty/gauge port connections
  • O-ring seals: Buna, Ethylene Propylene and VitonĀ®
  • Covers are o-ring sealed and easy to remove
  • ASME code stamp (optional)
  • Flange connection sizes from 3-inch through 10-inch
  • Cable-hoist assembly for quick and easy removal of element is standard on Model 18 (optional on other models)

A single cartridge system has the life of 200 standard wound or 50 pleated cartridges, reducing maintenance. A decrease in cartridge use, reduces labor, inventory, worker exposure, and disposal costs. Flow rates and contaminant holding capacities vary depending on micron size. A single cartridge element can hold up to 100 pounds of contaminant and flows to 400 gallons per minute. Elements are 13-inch diameter and 40-inch length.

The 900 filter housings contain one, three, four, seven, or eight cartridges.

By using the cable-hoist assembly change-out is completed in minutes. The element shipping container allows for easy handling and disposal.

How to Order