Filter Media - Bags, Cartridges, Strainers & Baskets

Rosedale has a wide selection of filter media available to help solve your filtration problems. Our product offerings include filter bags, filter cartridges, and perforated strainer baskets. This selection features a variety of options from low-cost, disposable filter media; through high-performance filter cartridge; to cleanable stainless steel elements.
The filtration efficiency values specified in our data are the indication of the filter’s performance. Unlike many manufacturers, Rosedale publishes the filtration efficiency and dirt capacity of our media, providing all the information needed for an accurate sizing of a filter.

Our media is offered in standard grades and high efficiency. Standard grade refers to products which are nominally rated. This means there is no specified efficiency at the micron size but the product is interchangeable with industry standards. Rosedale high efficiency filter media is rated 95%, 99%, or 99.98% efficient at the specified micron level.

Bag or cartridge filters are usually selected so that the clean pressure drop does not exceed 2 psi. Change-out is recommended at 15 psid (for bags), and 30 psid (for cartridges). Higher pressure drops may be tolerated when contaminant loading is low.