Heated Jacketing For Resins, etc.

All Rosedale filter housings can be fitted with heated jacketing for improved filtration of resins, adhesive coatings, and viscous materials. The entire vessel can be enclosed by the jacketing, including the inlet and outlet nozzles. The unit is rated to 600oF, requiring metallic seals (included). The housing is electropolished to prevent product buildup, maintaining clean inside walls.

Bag Hold Down Assemblies

Hold down assemblies can be supplied with any Rosedale filter housing, insuring positive bag sealing for critical applications. Hold-downs are offered in carbon steel and stainless steel construction.

 Internal Coatings

Special coatings can be internally applied to any of Rosedale’s housings, meeting your special requirements. These coatings include epoxy, enamel, PVC, and polypropylene. Other coatings are available. Call Rosedale for more information or product compatibility.

Inner Baskets and Bags

Model 8 and any of the multi-basket or multi-bag units can be fitted with smaller, inner basket strainers or bag filters, through which the in-coming fluid flows first, giving two-stage cleaning action. Inner baskets and bags are offered in the same construction materials and ratings as those of the primary outer elements.

Differential Pressure Indicators

All Rosedale filter housings can be fitted with pressure indicators that tell the operator when the element needs servicing. This improves the process quality, reduces system downtime and maximizes efficiency of plant operations. A variety of options are available including standard liquid-filled gauges, differential pressure gauges, differential pressure switches, or a combination switch and gauge. The Rosedale Indicator (see page 21) and Communicator III (see page 179) are also available. Recommended change-out of most elements is 15 psid.

Bag Restrainer

This restrainer expands the bag fully during filtration, insuring that it doesn’t fold over on to itself, reducing the amount of material used in filtration. It can also be used in conjunction with the liquid displacer, easing its installation.

Liquid Displacers

Rosedale filter housing models 4, 6, and 8, as well as our convertible filter housings, can be supplied with a liquid displacer attached to the cover. When in use, the displacer (a sealed 304 stainless steel cylinder) fits inside the basket strainer or bag filter, displacing liquid that would otherwise fill the inner space. When the cover and attached displacer are removed, the level of the liquid within the basket strainer of bag filter drops resulting in less product loss, and fast easy changes.