Bag Sized Pleated Cartridges

Absolute-rated units provide up to 12 times more dirt-holding capacity

Rosedale has combined the best features of filter bags and cartridges into one single unit.

Like bags, these bag-sized pleated cartridges are easy to handle and trap contaminant inside, preventing “WASH OFF” when removing spent or dirty cartridges. Like cartridge elements, they provide larger surface areas and greater dirt-holding capacities than standard bags. They are the ideal solution when frequent servicing of filters is a problem.


Rosedale bag-sized pleated cartridges are unique. Twenty-five* square feet of high efficiency material is sandwiched between two flow-enhancing, coarse-mesh screens, and then pleated in a supported construction. This supported pleat construction ensures flow cannot be pinched off. It also greatly strengthens the overall integrity of the element. The seams in these units are ultrasonically welded, not sewn, to prevent leakage or contamination bypass. The top sealing ring and cartridge bottom, made of solid molded polypropylene, are sonically welded to the pleated cylinder.


Eleven micron retention ratings from 1 to 110 at 95% efficiency, are available
Three different top sealing ring designs - one to fit your needs
Available in standard bag sizes 1 and 2, to fit housings 8-15 and 8-30
Low pressure drop


These elements use our unique high-efficiency microfiber material. Polyester or polypropylene microfibers and standard fibers are variably calendered to produce a single layer of our high-efficiency microfiber felt, which we manufacture to more exacting standards, under controlled conditions, than standard felts. This unique construction provides filtration to 1 micron at 95% efficiency rating, a real rating for the real world, consistently giving the same level or performance from batch to batch.

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