High Capacity Platinum Series Filter Cartridges

Maximum dirt-holding capacity

These absolute-rated filter cartridges offer maximum dirt holding capacity coupled with micron retention ratings to 0.5 at 99.98% efficiency.


  • 68 sq. ft. of surface area maximum
  • 12 lbs. (approx.) of dirt carrying capacity
  • Rated 0.5 micron to 70 micron @ ß5000 or 99.98% efficiency
  • Flow rates to 50 gpm
  • 6.25-inch diameter and 24-inch length
  • Fits into Rosedale Model 8-30, Multiple-bag housings, Polypropylene, and Multi-cartridge housings

These elements are manufactured in a unique “Y” pleat arrangement that optimizes its physical size and maximizes effective surface area. A low fluid flux rate maximizes dirt containment. This means element life is extended and productivity is increased, resulting in fewer cartridge change-outs, less labor, and lower replacement costs. With the Platinum 500, cartridge change-out is completed in minutes.

Design Details

This design uses only the highest quality materials and most advanced manufacturing processes. The element fits into standard size 2 baskets and functions similar to a bag (flowing inside to outside). The end caps are heat sealed for high efficiency performance. The o-ring seal insures sealing and eliminates bypass.

How to Order