Membrane Filter Cartridges - Pharmacutical

Cost effective units for Pharmaceutical Industry applications

PS Series Membrane Cartridges are designed to be used as sterilizing grade cartridges for the pharmaceutical industry.

The PS Series Membrane is optimized for retention, so additional layers are not necessary. Ideal for use in Sterile Fill applications and SVPs and bio products. Polyethersulfone is particularly suited for filtration of products whose constituents, such as preservatives, can adsorb to the media. Also works well with valuable protein solutions such as vaccines and other biological substances.

Flow Rate

The following table represents typical water flow at one psid (69 mbar) across a single 10 inch cartridge element.
The test fluid is water at ambient temperature. Extrapolation for housings with multiple elements or higher pressure drops is acceptable. However, as flow increases, the pressure drop attributed to the housing itself will become evident.

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