OE Series Oil/Water Separation Filter Cartridges

Oil Eliminator cartridges utilize media that can economically reduce hydrocarbon contamination in aqueous solutions.

Our radial flow designs provide the largest possible surface area, reducing the media bed depth. The OE Series is capable of removing very high concentrations of free oil, dispersed oil, as well as surfactant based emulsions, and dissolved hydrocarbons to non-detectable levels.

These cartridges can be used as stand-alone oil water separators, or to enhance or protect other systems.

3 Styles

The Oil Eliminator OETM

Our top performing OE cartridge capable of breaking the IMO 107(49) surfactant based emulsion in a single pass. The special patented non swelling organic clay allows the cartridge to be filled with 100% active oil absorbing media, providing greater oil holding capacity.


The ECO is our GREEN cartridge, made using a uniquely processed post consumer recycled media. The ECO has the ability to remove soluble oils from water in a single pass. It can be used alone or following our standard Oil EliminatorTM cartridge to bring the effluent down to non-detect levels. US patent pending No. 13/051,872

The Oil Eliminator NFTM

The OENF cartridge uses a combination of adsorbing media and nano-technology to remove high concentrations of free and oil emulsions. This high area, pleated cartridges can provide particle removal of 0.2 u @ 99.9% efficiency.
The OENF’s adsorptive characteristics remove negatively charged particles such as bacteria, organic contaminates, heavy metals such as copper, iron, lead, and tin. US patent pending No. 12/582,684

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