Graded Density Filter Bags

Membrane Prefilters for filtration to 1.0 micron

Rosedale's Graded Density (GD) Fat Bags® bags have approximately four times the dirt holding capacity of our Beta Bags at equivalent filtration levels.

These bags have 9 layers of microfiber material, each with 4.4 sq. ft. of surface area. You can now use bags where dirt carrying needs previously required cartridges. Bags cost less, are easier to install and remove, require less room in storage and disposal, and prevent the contaminant wash off downstream associated with cartridges.

These bags offer excellent results when used as a pre-filter for membrane filtration. It will retain a large quantity of contaminant that will unnecessarily clog the membrane. The bags are available in either all polyester or all polypropylene construction. Polyester should be used where oil adsorption is not desirable or where higher temperatures are required.

Design Details

All Graded Density Bags have a 304 stainless steel retaining ring sewn in their opening. Heavy-duty handles, sewn to the reinforced bag lip, are a standard feature. They make bag removal faster and easier.

The bags are sewn, then turned inside out to avoid leakage through the threads. They are also made with sewn, fully-shaped bottoms to enhance the pressure capacities of the bags.

There are two sizes available. Size 1 is 7 inches by 16 inches. Size 2 is 7 inches by 32 inches.

How to Order