X-Tend - Increased Surface Area Filter Bags

Sonically Welded Seams and Integral Plastic Collar Further Increase Efficiency

Rosedale offers the new X-TEND filter bag as a balance between increased efficiency and capacity versus cost.

Similar to the Surfaceplus in concept, it offers about twice the surface area of a standard bag, but at a somewhat lower cost than the Surfaceplus. The integral hard plastic collar makes installation and disposal easier, as there is no metal to worry about. These elements do require the use of a special cone basket. It supports the element surface, ensuring the full amount of surface area is utilized, maintaining optimum filtration.

As an added feature, all seams and the collar are sonically welded, greatly enhancing filtration quality, reducing or eliminating leaks and bypass that may have occurred with sewn seams. The X-TEND bag is about twice the length of a standard bag, and you simply tuck the bottom of the bag back up into the main cylinder of the element. When the bottom of the bag reaches the neck of the collar, the bag should now be the size of a standard bag, and fit most housings.

Design Details

These bags have a plastic collar sonically welded into their opening. This collar has integral handles as a standard feature. They make removal faster and easier.

The standard felt finish is glazed. The micro fiber bags are sonically welded, then turned inside out, increasing the protection against leakage through the seam.

These bags are available in standard bag sizes.

How to Order