Coolant Filters

For low pressure machine tool coolant applications

Rosedale Filtration Products has installed a wide variety of systems throughout the metalworking and manufacturing industries.

Our high quality industrial filters prevent metal chips, fines and other debris from contaminating cutting oils and coolants. Our pre-selected systems include the housing, appropriate seals and a filter bag.


Charts, schematics and other information provided or referred to throughout this guide are intended as examples only. “Nominal” filter ratings are used and monthly throughputs are calculated to include the sizing of filter elements to provide a 30 day minimum life expectancy based on a typical dirt load ingression.

Rosedale offers the widest range of filters and filter bags, including oil-adsorbing, high temperature, high-capacity bags, high-efficiency liquid filter bags, and Beta Bag® filter bags. The term Beta Ratio or Beta Rating refers to the number of particles upstream divided by the number of particles downstream in a given size. For example, if there are 100 five micron particles upstream and 50 five micron particles downstream of the filter bag, then the Beta Rating for this filter in the five micron size is 100/50, or 2. In other words, the filter bag is said to have a Beta 5 of 2. The efficiency is 50% in the five micron range.

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