Sanitary Filters

New multilayer, polyester and polypropylene felt filter bags make possible filtration to 1 micron

Rosedale sanitary service filters conform to USDA/3A dairy standards with housings of polished 304 stainless steel.

They’re rated for 200 psi pressure and have quick-release clamp-type covers. Outlets and inlets have sanitary flange connections. All internal surfaces can be visually inspected (and easily cleaned in place).

The great economy of these filters is in their use of filter bags instead of the more costly filter cartridges. Made of a new filtering media, they carry nominal retention ratings of 1, 10 and 12 microns. They have been evaluated by the Multi-Pass Test Method (OSU-F2).

The contaminant-carrying capacity of these bags is equal to that of cartridges of the same flow capacity. Because the filter bags are supported by perforated stainless steel baskets, there is no filter collapse, flow fatigue, or filter end-load problems. Bags are removed more easily than cartridges, and bags hold the contaminant inside, not outside where it can wash off into the system during replacement. Some filter bags can be safely used at temperatures to 325F.

Applications for these filters include dairy, beverage, vegetable oils, and other foods and pharmaceuticals. They also make excellent pre-filters upstream of ultra-fine cartridge and membrane filters removing bacteria, etc.


Housings are of 304 stainless steel, polished inside and out (unless ordered otherwise). The bags are supported by stainless steel baskets that provide 50% open area and lift out easily. The housing is then completely open with all surfaces visible and cleanable.

The filter bags have stainless steel rings sewn in their openings. Their close fit inside the housing effectively seals against bypass of liquid. They have cloth handles to assist in removal.

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