Water Filters

Rosedale has installed many housings for filtering industrial water applications in industries as diverse as automotive, steel, metal fabrication, and paper processing, among many others.

The Generation II All Plastic Model 8 Bag Filter

Rosedale’s Generation ll model 8-sized polypropylene bag filters are made in a one-piece, seamless body that offers excellent resistance to corrosion. It is rated to 100 psi @ 150°F and flows to 100 gpm, choose the pre-selected ordering code listed below.

Model 8 Filter Housing With Quick Opening Clamp Cover

These high-capacity bag filters are rugged and low in cost. The Quick Opening Clamp Cover is quick and easy to remove. The housing is rated at 125 psi and flows to 100 gpm, choose the pre-selected ordering code listed below.

Extra High Capacity Multi-Bag Filters

These multi-bag filters offer a wide range of flow capacities and contaminant holding capabilities. They contain from 2 to 23 baskets, all the same size. They are fitted with perforated stainless steel baskets designed to hold disposable or cleanable filter bags. Industry standard size bags are used: the standard 30-inch baskets take bag size 2, and optional 15-inch baskets take size 1. The standard pressure rating for all models is 150 psi. All housings can be supplied with a ASME code stamp, if required. For filter flows to 2300 gpm with a 150 psi rated housing, use the pre-selected ordering code listed on the next page.

How to Order

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